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Re: Debian Partitioning Problem

Erick Delgado wrote:
I don't have Ubuntu installed at the moment (before I did). I have Windows installed because when I was going to install Debian Testing (etch I believe) to see if it will pick up my hdd correctly it did, but when I booted I had errors on my first hdd (40gb) which was odd so I installed Windows to run check disk and whatever else to see if it will fix my errors. What I would like is to find a way for Debian Sarge to detect my hdd's correctly so I can install it on both hdd's (40 = / * 80 = /home).

Understand. At first glance 80GB for /home is an awful lot. I use 6GB for everything with room to spare.

As to Debian detecting your hdd's "correctly", we are on different sides of the fence: I only run Debian and you have no Linux installed as I understand.

You will have to analyze the partition table. Use Knoppix, that involves no install at all, just a CD. It's painless. Boot and run cfdisk.

Or use http://www.ranish.com/part/ the ranish partition manager. That runs stand-alone and analyzes your partition table.

I do not remember how much "fixing" the installer's partman does to a partition table. In any case if your disks are important you ought to put the partition table on paper and understand what you would have to do to restore it, if it gets "fixed" the wrong way.


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