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Re: daytime not working - despite enabling it

Uwe Dippel wrote:
> update-inetd --enable time,daytime
> is the correct command according to the man page man update-inetd.
> Except, it would not work:
> $ /usr/sbin/rdate -p
> rdate: connect: Connection refused

What does this say?

  grep daytime /etc/inetd.conf

On my system daytime is already configured (apparently by default).

  daytime         stream  tcp     nowait  root    internal

And these commands:

  grep daytime /etc/services

  netstat -na | grep :13

> Even tried and restarted inetd - nothing - and rebooted. Still nothing.

Rebooting would not affect this.

> What is going on ??
> nmap shows
> 22/tcp   open  ssh
> 25/tcp   open  smtp
> 53/tcp   open  domain
> 80/tcp   open  http
> 143/tcp  open  imap
> 993/tcp  open  imaps

Do you have a firewall enabled?  Looks like it.  Check your firewall


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