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Re: web browser alternatives...

On Tue 2 August 2005 23:37, Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas wrote:
> What would be interesting would be a light web browser but fast, with
> the ability flash and java support (playback, scripting and others),
> and that are not dependant upon desktop environments like KDE or
> Gnome.  Only options I knew were mozilla and opera, but in my
> experience opera can't access some web pages mozilla does and I don't
> like its adverstisement...

With Opera (I only use it as a last resort and for testing my own pages 
as it tends to render a little more like IE than KHTML or Gecko) you 
can reduce the advertisement to a regular sized toolbar by doing the 

View | Toolbars and uncheck the main bar. You might want to move the 
navigation icons to another toolbar first though. Once that is done the 
advertisement is just a bunch of Google text ads and isn't all that 

David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
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