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Re: Cups+printer install?

Gayle Lee Fairless wrote:

>>On 08/03/2005 08:02 pm, Ishwar Rattan wrote:
>>>> Is there a way to install a printer using cups without
>>>> a browser (no capability for http://localhost:631/)?
>>>> I want to access remote printers alos on a cups server in
>>>> the dept but have no interest in installing X-windows.
> Pollywog <linux-debian@shadypond.com> replied:
>>Are you using KDE?  If so, I believe you can use the KDE Control Center
>     The Add Printer option in the KDE Control Center activates a printer
> wizard.  I found it more
> intuitively easy to use than the http://localhost:631/ option in the
> browser.  

I have two problems with this thread: first, why did he post to debian-kde
when he says he doesn't want to install X?; second, why are we giving him
advice to use the KDE control center???

this question has nothing to do with debian-kde - but you don't need X to
use a browser.  Use lynx or any other text browser.

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