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Re: Onboard Graphics Problem

On 8/2/05, Roger Creasy <roger.mailist@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello:
> I am trying to get Sarge installed, but am having difficulties with
> the video. The output is pixelated and the only resolution setting
> available is 640X480. lspci reports that the graphics card is:
> 0000:00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corp. 82810E DC-133 CGC
> [Chipset Graphics Controller] (rev 03). The monitor is an NEC
> Multisync II. The refresh rates are set according to monitorworld.com
> specs.
> The box is a pieced-together-from-scraps machine based around a Compaq
> with a 633 MHZ Celeron
> Thanks for any assistance...
> Roger
Someone suggested that the problem may be a bios setting. Does this
sound like a possibility. Can anyone make a suggestion?


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