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Re: alsa and oss configuration

* Lubos Vrbka (shnek@tiscali.cz) wrote:

  |>  ok, this seems to be clear now. none of alsa-native applications work 
  |>  for me - they give different sorts of errors, similar to one given 
  |>  above. the problem with permissions was my mistake - i added myself to 
  |>  the audio group but didn't logout and login (is there any better way how 
  |>  to "update" the group information)? 

Not that I know of.

  |>                                     after it, it seems to be ok...


  |>  what disturbs me that e.g. alsamixer didn't work for me as root and now 
  |>  it works... however i didn't make any changes with respect to root's 
  |>  account...

This, I don't understand.

  |>  >I assume you're using udev (since you're using the 2.6.11 kernel)? That
  |>  >will normally create the needed nodes in /dev/snd at boot time. But it
  |>  >might be worth checking that they are there.
  |>  i really don't know whether i use udev or not, in this respect i'm a 
  |>  newbie. if it is default for amd64 testing and 2.6.11 kernel, then 
  |>  yes... i checked /dev/snd. the directory is there with many files in it. 
  |>  they are owned by root/audio with 660 permissions.

udev is a program which takes information from the hotplug system and
creates (or destroys) device files in the /dev/ directory as they are
needed (as devices are added to, or removed from, the system). There
is a very clear short paper about it here, written by the principal developer::


If you have a directory /etc/udev, then you are using it. Its great
advantage is that you can assign persistent device-names to devices
that are standardly added to and removed from the system (USB pendrives,
digital cameras, USB audio devices and the like). 

  |>  >Maybe you should recompile using modules, then run alsaconf?  That
  |>  >usually does a good job of setting things up as long as there is only
  |>  >one soundcard in the system,
  |>  well, since it works i think i will leave it as it is :)

Most sensible.



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