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Re: APT-GET Returns tar CRC Error

On Wednesday 03 August 2005 14:02, jtmarran wrote:
>Thanks for the suggestion - tried it and get the same error. Could
> it be a legitimate crc failed check in the tar package? I'm not
> even sure that tar should be upgrading... it's not listed as a
> package to be upgraded when apt-get lists?

I don't know if its true for what you are doing or not, but it is 
known that tar-1.14 is broken as far as amanda's use is concerned.  
You need either 1.13-19, 1.13-25, or 1.15-1 to use it the way amanda 
uses it.  The much older 1.13 (plain, no suffix) is also broken.

Cheers, Gene
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