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Re: I am getting angry at debian mailing list.

On 03-08-2005 05:45, Paul Johnson wrote:
On Tuesday 02 August 2005 06:32 pm, John Hasler wrote:

While unsubscription problems are usually PEBKAC, it is a
well-known fact that the instructions sometimes fail.

BTW, the footer is not present at the foot of your message as
displayed by Gnus, though it is present in the file.  Looks like
Gnus hides the footer when there's a signature.

I didn't include a signature, however, the instructions are after sig-dashes. Signatures are not usually hidden by most NUAs and MUAs by default, if you can turn signatures off at all.

If you're using Gnus, you're already sharp enough to find it on your own anyway...

Interesting: using Thunderbird, the footer didn't show on Paul's message -- his message had a single (signed) text/plain mime part, which Thunderbird displayed, but the footer was outside the text/plain part and presumably that's why it wasn't displayed. Is this a Thunderbird bug, or should the footer have been included inside the text/plain part of the message (but outside the signed part)?


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