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Re: Equivalent to MailWasherPro, windows version?

On Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 08:05:03PM +0200, Dom wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm searching for a MailWasherPro (for Windows) equivalent for my new
> Linux Debian environment. That's a mail filter software that works
> kind of like this:
> It downloads only headers and first 20 lines of every email message
> from a server so that you can manually choose what to delete and what
> to leave on the server in order to be able to download them with your
> regular mail client later.
> There's also an option of building "friend's list", "blacklist" and
> "mail filter rules" so that MailWasherPro can automatically check
> specific email messages for deletion or something else.

As a Debian package you might find mailfilter worth a look.  It too
looks at the mail headers (but not the body of the mail) and will delete
mail according to regexes you specify in a configuration file.  There is
also provision for having a whitelist.

It can be run prior to fetchmail using the 'preconnect' parameter in
your $HOME/.fetchmailrc.


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