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Re: 884MB instead of 1024MB memory and HIGHMEM enabled

Dave Ewart wrote:

On Tuesday, 02.08.2005 at 15:25 +0200, sYs wrote:

Those timestamps above suggest to me that the kernel was *compiled* on
'July 26', but that it was *installed* on 'Aug 1' - that alone doesn't
necessarily indicate a problem.


Do you think that the *config-* is the configuration file for the *current running kernel*, is it sure?

It *looks* like it *is* the config for the current running kernel, but I
don't think there's any way to be certain.

If it is, what's the problem? :\

Hard to say.  Perhaps recompile the kernel again and double-check the
HIGHMEM settings.

OK, I'll check it, thanks for youre help.

Regards, sYs^

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