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Re: DriveReady SeekComplete Error

On 08/01/2005 05:42 am, Alvin Oga wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Jul 2005, persall wrote:
> > DriveReady SeekComplete Error
> that is usually:
> a) mixture of ide devices on the same ide cable
>  - keep cdrom and dvd on its own cable
>  - keep ata133 devices on a different cable than ata100 drives
>  - bad ide driver ( aka motherboard )
>  - ...

I missed the first post in this thread, but I have a story to tell...

The day that Sarge was released, I upgraded my Sarge installation and 
afterward, I got "DriveReady SeekComplete Error" on all consoles and I was 
also unable to delete files as one particular user.  I reinstalled Debian on 
the affected machine (using the Sarge Netinstall CD) and then upgraded the 
system to the latest Sarge and I had the same problem as before, after the 
upgrade.  It seems as though *something* happened the day that Sarge was 
released, something that made Debian Sarge not play nice with this computer.

I installed Xandros on the same machine and to this day have not seen the 
problem again.  My laptop has Debian Sarge installed but has not had any 
similar problems.


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