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Re: DriveReady SeekComplete Error

On Sun, 31 Jul 2005, persall wrote:

> DriveReady SeekComplete Error

that is usually:
a) mixture of ide devices on the same ide cable
	- keep cdrom and dvd on its own cable
	- keep ata133 devices on a different cable than ata100 drives
	- bad ide driver ( aka motherboard )
	- ...

b) it can be cheap cables vs good ide ata-100 cables that is
   NOT stripped into itty bitty strands nor longer than 18"
	- throw those round ide cables away

c) your disk could be running hotter than it should be

d) somebody in the food chain "dropped it" ( aka "toss the box
   around" ) before you bought it but sold it to you anyway ...

e) if it's the 16GB - 40GB ibm deskstar drives made in thailand, than 
   throw those drives away ...

f) if you're having disk drive propblems... backing it up now,
   will only aggrevate the situation and/or you should be worried
   that the backup you just did is correct vs corrupted 
	- old backup data should never be overwritten with new backups
	until you know that the new backup is correct

endless worries

c ya

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