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Re: Debian Sarge Compatible Laptop Hardware

On (01/08/05 16:43), jim biri wrote:
> Clive and Michael: Great, thanks for this info. 
> One thing - do both of the systems you mention use "standard"
> components I can buy from anywhere? So if I want I can whack in more
> RAM or a new hd?

Not sure on most components but memory is available from crucial.com.
One irritation is that although our Acer laptops came with 512Mb
installed, it is in two 256Mb sticks.  Which means:

1. You have to replace memory rather than add it

2. One stick is easy to get at (on the underside) but the other is
hidden under the keyboard and I've not felt comfortable about
dismantling it to find out how easy it is to replace.

laptopsdirect will add the memory but after delivery it was going to
cost a lot more than buying through crucial.com.



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