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Re: Strange "smart" upgrades in aptitude / synaptic?

> http://groups.google.co.uk/group/linux.debian.user/browse_frm/thread/910ff72185b00d75/d3f54810f571795f?lnk=st&q=antgel&rnum=8&hl=en#d3f54810f571795f

Thanks for the link but I'm afraid I couldn't find an answer to my
question there.

1) The thread alleged that the removed packages were marked as
automatically installed - at least in my case, they were not. It
removed manually installed (i. e. selected in aptitude and marked with
[+]) packages in order to upgrade others. My impression was that
everything not marked with A counts as manually installed, am I wrong?

2) Quoting from the thread: "The main thing to keep in mind is that
"aptitude upgrade" will upgrade packages and hold back packages with
dependency problems."
That might be true for commandline aptitude but not for the
interactive version. The interactive version will upgrade packages and
remove packages with dependency problems. Maybe it defaults to
dist-upgrade, but why?

Please be aware that I'm not trying to bash the new dep handling here
- it's just that I've been using dselect / apt-get for years and it
seems like a step backwards to me.


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