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Re: Strange "smart" upgrades in aptitude / synaptic?

Christian Pernegger wrote:
> I've recently bitten the bullet and switched from using dselect for
> package management to aptitude, seeing as it was supposed to be
> smarter in dealing with complex upgrades.
> However, aptitude didn't deal at all well with the broken dependencies
> that crop up on my unstable box. The "upgrade what can be upgraded"
> command seems to upgrade at all costs, i. e. it will remove itself if
> it means getting a new apt version. When it recently suggested I
> should remove most of gnome just to bump the debian revision of one
> package I went looking for alternatives. There seem to be two types of
> apt frontends:
> old school: apt-get, dselect, synaptic (Default Upgrade). Those won't
> uninstall a working package unless you tell it to.
> "smart": aptitude, synaptic (Smart Upgrade) Those will remove a third
> of your installed packages in one go if you're not careful.


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