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Re: Adding fonts to Gnome.....

Redefined Horizons wrote:
> I've got GNOME 2 running on Debian Sarge. I'd like to add some fonts
> to GNOME. (Currently I've only got about 12 fonts.)
> What type of fonts are compatible? How do I add them to Gnome? I
> googled on this subject but didn't find anything that helped. (I have
> read the Font HOWTO, but it didn't seem to deal specifically with

Truetype fonts, the same ones used in Windows I belive. The easiest
way is most likely to install fonts already packaged and in the Debian
archives. Most of the Truetype font packages start with "ttf-" in the

Other fonts you download or get from elsewhere you can add by simply 
copying them to the .fonts directory (a hidden directory in your home
dir). (This means they are only visible to your user).

Sven Arvidsson
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