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Re: cups in debian??

Gene Heskett wrote:

>New 3.1 install, got x working, sorta.
>I still do not know howto switch from the gnome desktop to the kde 
>desktop, hints please.
If KDE is not installed, "aptitude install kde".

How are you starting X? Via "startx" or some sort of GUI login manager?
If the latter, some of them let you choose which Desktop you start up;
some of them don't. If you want KDE's login manager, "aptitude install kdm".

(BTW, the above question really doesn't match your subject line, and is
likely to cause your question to be ignored by others who might have
better answers than do I.)

>Also, since I've got cups working here, I thought I'd point a browser 
>at http://localhost:631 on that box and and see if I could get that 
>to work.  Unforch, no page exists, and according to aptitude, no 
>package named cups exists.
>Howto fix this, please?
I was ranting about this just a few days ago. ;-)

Try pointing your browser to http://localhost:631/admin


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