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Re: Standard 2.6.8 Debian kernel is not working!! Why? Please help!

Björn Johansson wrote:
I'm using grub and yes I will look at the config file once I get back to my
Linux system.. I have spent at least 24 hours in getting that Sarge system
to work, so I really don't like Debian right now, but tomorrow at gets number one in Linux distributions once again. One thing I really like about Debian is all the support I get! But when I'm using Linux I haveto work in text mode only and it don't feel very modern browsing the web using Lynx! This is 2005. :-]

you don't need to get in your linux system to change your grub config. You can change your config on the bootprompt use bash-style tabbing. Check the grub manual and try it, it's pretty cool.



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