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Re: ftp fails first time when using apt-get

> This isn't a publicly routable IP address, so it's most likely either the
> router or the DSL modem acting as a DNS forwarder. This device likely has a
> web interface - find its status page and see what DNS server it is using.
> You could also try manually replacing the "" in /etc/resolv.conf
> with the DNS server address from the status page. If everything starts
> working fine, then whatever device is at is likely the problem.
> Also, please quote the prior messages in the thread when replying (as you
> see done here and in antgel's replies). This makes the discussion much
> easier to both follow and reply to.
> Adam

yes, it is the router address. The router points to a DNS server which whois
says is in Taiwan, which surprises me as I'm in Belgium. Makes me wonder if it
is getting a DNS server from my ISP at all, maybe it isn't and is using a
hardcoded default. Anyhow I'll try your suggestion - thanks.

(re quoting, I use gmane to reply, as my webmail doesn't integrate very well
with the way this list is presented. If you post a 2 line reply to a 10 line
quote to them, you get a rather snippy request to prune the quoting. I can't say
I disagree with them, really.)

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