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Re: ftp fails first time when using apt-get

Daniel McBrearty wrote:
> antgel wrote:
>> Daniel McBrearty wrote:

>>> When I do apt-get install for a new package (as root ), apt goes to
>>> the ftp server ... and hangs on address (DNS lookup problem?).
>>> I then have to quit, do "ftp ftp.debian.nl.org" (or whatver it is) log
>>> in and logout (as either normal user or root) without doing
>>> anything ... after this apt will connect and install without any
>>> problems. 

>>> I seem to have DNS related oddities in my system (eg can ping
>>> various sites by domain name but ssh needs ip address), this may be
>>> related. If so I'd be very happy to fix them.

>>> I'm behind a d-link adsl router which is in an absolutely standard
>>> out-of-the-box config, firewall on. The router gets the dns server
>>> automatically I think. 

>> can you post /etc/resolv.conf?

> search
> nameserver

This isn't a publicly routable IP address, so it's most likely either the
router or the DSL modem acting as a DNS forwarder. This device likely has a
web interface - find its status page and see what DNS server it is using.

You could also try manually replacing the "" in /etc/resolv.conf
with the DNS server address from the status page. If everything starts
working fine, then whatever device is at is likely the problem.

Also, please quote the prior messages in the thread when replying (as you
see done here and in antgel's replies). This makes the discussion much
easier to both follow and reply to.


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