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ethernet bonding

tring to do a bit of research on the bond interfaces. in the description it talks about sending data out the bonded interfaces in a round robin type fashion. i was under the impression that the bond interfaces were for failover usage.

I've got 9 debian servers broken up into 4 different vlans and each server has two ethernet ports in it. I've got two identical managed switches. i'd like it so that if any one of the switches were go to down that everything will still function and that if interface A on server 1 goes down that interface B on server one takes over (lets assume that each server has an interface connected to switch A and and interface connected to switch B.

the different vlans are connected to a firewall so that traffic between the vlans (different subnets) is filtered and routed via the firewall. I've got two firewalls and each has all its interfaces connected to one of the two switches. I've got two wan ethernet connections.. one of each connected to one of each of the switches.

The firewalls are pfsense and use a syncing technique so that if one firewall fails the other takes over. From what I understand if I have the switches trunked together as long as only one of the interfaces on a server is active at a time i should be able to get this done properly.

Does the ifenslave functionality do this? do both bonded interfaces always have link? these are dell 5324 gig switches.. (pretty nice) and run IOS afaik. If the ifenslave doesn't do what i want I wonder if its possible to make the switches communicate and only have one interface enabled at a time.

Anyone ever do anything like this?

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