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Re: Good GUI for essid selection?

Damon Chesser wrote:
On Sunday 24 July 2005 14:08, Nate Duehr wrote:

Damon Chesser wrote:

I'm perfectly able to script such a thing, but the average
user shouldn't be expected to do so.

Of course not, but the average user does not set this up anyway, the IT
geek that gives him or her the box does.

The idea of "someone setting up the box for them" is quaint and

Tell that to the hundreds of Sales men and Office workers, all of which I set up their boxes. Not to even list all the times I told them how to set up their private home networks with wireless (set up like work, so I don't have to play with any settings). I think what most people forget is that most computers sold are NOT to private people but to business and those folks almost never set up their own.

Are they using OSX (which was the original point in this thread)?

People buy computers and set them up themselves these days, for better or for worse.

(and promptly corner me at work and ask me how to set up the wireless so their work laptop will work at home). Just my experience, that is no guarantee of truth but only what I have found. Your experience could be different.

Do you find that they're just looking for assurances that they won't "mess anything up" and they do the work themselves, or do you have to always travel to their homes and actually set things up for them?

All I'm saying is that the tools are out there and even "Joe Salesman" *can* set up his own equipment these days. Linux is horribly behind on these basic concepts today.

When it was difficult to set up basic networking on all OS's, it was reasonable that it required quite a bit of thought on Linux. Today, OSX and arguably Windows XP make setting up even a basic wireless network a breeze. Linux should be there too.

There's lots of reasons as to why that's not true, all I'm saying is that the current situation is that Linux and most distros (including Debian, but not limited to it) are very far behind on this capability.


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