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Re: How to report a broken package ?

On Sat, 30 Jul 2005, Thomas Lecomte wrote:

I'm new in the Debian community, and I'm running Debian Sid on my computer.
I would like to know what should I do when I get a broken package. Report it to submit@bugs.debian.org ?
The broken package is libaspell which disable me to install kdelibs4.
Please, answer at my email address because I'm not on the mailing-list :-)

Look at http://bugs.debian.org/libaspell15c2 to see if it's been
reported. A broken package affects a lot of people, I suspect that
it's already been reported. KDE is pretty popular.

There's been one reported ("broken dependancies"), perhaps the fix has
been tangled in the ftp server move. Be patient.. ;-)

Sometimes the problems are known, but unreported. Try writing the
maintainer directly. As a last resort, file a bug report for the
permanent record:

    ~# reportbug libaspell15c2

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