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FW: slightly-OT: centralized user management

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> But there was nothing about getting a "roaming profile" type of setup.

Roaming Profiles and Offline Folders are different Windows features.  You need
domain networking and Windows Server (2003, maybe 2k) to enable the former, but
only Workgroup networking and a workstation Windows (XP Pro, XP Home?, Win2k?)
to do the later (also works with Domain networking).

I've heard of Unix implementations of the equivalent of Roaming Profiles (Sun?
HP?), and may have used such on an HP graphics terminal, but I never roamed.
There's probably an open-source equivalent out there.

The closed *nix thing to Offline Folders that I've heard of is rsync.  CVS can
provide similar functionality, and is more robust/ careful in the face of
collisions.  I've used Offline Folders and administered laptops with it, and I
don't like it.

My $0.02,


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