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Re: How can I get my sound card working

On 14:31, Tue 27 Jul 04, campy wrote:
> hi hope i have got the add right can you help every time i want to use sounds it said sound card in use how can i fix this please help i am just a learner on the computer

It might help to know what sound card you are using, but a
off the hip guess is you probably have artsd running. Kill
artsd and it might solve your problem. 

I would also suggest telling us if you belong to the audio
group, you might want to read the debian manual a little
more in detail. Also google, can be your friend, sometimes
its easier to search for a solution, then to wait for
someone to stumble upon one for you.

If you need help post the kernel version, and sound card you
are using. If your using a 2.6 kernel you might want to list
the alsa information as well.


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