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Re: Mysql Editor/creator

On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 16:04 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Hello All,
> Does anyone know a mysql editor that will also show me things like
> relations between the tables etc?
> I've mysql-query browser and I do think that is quite good for
> general purpose querying.
> I more or less looking for something that supplys me with a complete
> development ground.

You may find DBDesigner worth a look: 


Some quotes from the site:

* DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates
database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single,
seamless environment.

* DBDesigner 4 is developed and optimized for the open source
MySQL-Database to support MySQL users with a powerful and free available
design tool.


It's GPL'd, but doesn't seem to be available as a Debian package,
perhaps because of licensing issues due to the use of Kylix? I
downloaded the DBDesigner4.0.5.4.tar.gz archive, extracted it into a
directory, and ran the binary with no problem. Many of the libraries it
needs are included in the extracted directory.

The next version of this application is called MySQL Workbench, but I
don't know when it will be released.

- Joe

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