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Re: playing contained mp3-files

Florian Dorpmueller wrote:

> I would like to get sound from a contained mp3 file. The container is
> named m3u.shtml and can be downloaded from anywhere in the internet.
> It contains a normal URL like
> The effect on my computer is that when I click on the container URL in
> Firefox kaffeine or xmms (due to my configuration) are starting but
> they will not play the mp3 file. xmms even chrashes when I try to
> force it by clicking the start button. In comparism when I download
> the container file and open it manually (e.g. with xmms) then I get
> the required sound.
> Can anybody give me a hint how to enable the players to play the sound
> file directly within Firefox? Thanks for helping me.
> Flori
I suggest you install the MediaPlayerConnectivity extension into
Firefox. I don't know that it will solve your problem, but it might.


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