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Re: kernel 2.6 compile error

Andrew Nelson wrote:

>> This is your problem, the new versions of GCC wont compile the current
>> Kernel sources in Debian.  You can

That's new to me. I have compiled both 2.6.10, 2.6.11 and 2.6.12
successfully with GCC 4.X on my bleeding edge sid system.
Actually just 2 hours ago I did a total recompile of 2.6.12, just after
having done a dist-upgrade!

I am however excluding absolutely everything that I do not need (also as

As far as I am concerned the kernel compilation problems was resolved in one
of the first fix-release to the new compiler. Wheras the kernel itself
compiles just fine I imagine that there some non C++ compliant programmed
modules/drivers that can make the new and more strict compiler choke.

Best regards


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