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Mega Problem with SATA / 2.6.8.* und 2.6.12.*

Hi NG!

I've got a mega problem with SATA and the above mentioned kernels under
Debian 3.1. I have installed Debian to a PATA 120GB IBM drive on the onboard
controller. As well I have a RAID-5 set (software raid) consisting of 4
samsung sata drives on two pci-controllers with si3112 chipset. Whenever I
try copying to the raid, linux crashes completely. I have SATA and ext3, xfs
compiled into the kernel. The crashes occur after certain amounts of data
have been copied, sometimes the system freezes after 10mb, sometimes after
1,6gb - it's always different.

Please somebody help me, I'm thru with all my ideas and completely clueless
what could cause this.

With many thanks in advance,


p.s.: if you need any information from my system, just tell me, I'll try to
get it.

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