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Re: LVM and Windows

Hendrik Boom <hendrik@pooq.com> wrote:
| Now that I've discovered what LVM does, I've resolved to start
| migrating my Linux systems to it.  Linux partitions look easy.
| But I'd really like to start using it for *all* my partitions.  
| My machine also has a bunch lf FAT partitions used
| when I boot Windows, and accessible when I boot Linux.
| Can LVM also handle Windows?
| That is (I suppose) Does LVM get activated early enough in the
| boot procedure that Windows just sees its partitions instead
| of the physical ones?
| ABout ten years ago, there were so-called disk managers that
| replaced BIOS calls so that large disks could be used
| ancient systems.  Might LVM be capable of operating like this?
Look at EVM instead of LVM for this.
Remember, your /boot partit can't be included for LVM. I don't know
about it for EVM.

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