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Re: printing in Debian/need unstable users opinion

On (17/07/05 23:24), Kevin Mark wrote:
> Hi users of 'unstable' Debian:
> The included messages was posted to the debian-devel mailing list. It
> outlines some of the issues with the upcomming transition from gimpprint
> to gutenprint. I want to know if this kind of messages would be useful to other
> users of 'unstable' for this and other transitions that are being done
> in 'unstabe' (ie. the xfree->xorg and gnome 2.8->2.10) I think it would
> be a great service to those testing debian and those using unstable to
> get the 'heads up' as to what is about to break or what is about to
> change. Kinds of like a weather report of impending tsumanis. I would
> propose an 'annouce-only' list as debian-user and the BTS are places to
> discuss things. There are folks who say that users of unstable should
> just take what comes their way and should be expected to read every
> known mailing list to find out what is happening in Debian. But I think
> this would be an easy way for the Developers to let us know whats
> comming in a short email, instead of having millions of users to scratching their
> heads and googling for hours to explain what just happened.
> Any thoughts? 
> Cheers,
> Kev

Yes. It would be useful.  Is debian-announce only for official
announcements pertaining to the stable release?



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