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Re: dvd region and libdvdcss

On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 09:56:06AM -0700, Enrique Morfin wrote:
> Hello:
> I have some region 1 dvd's and some region 4 dvd's.
> I can't see region 1 dvd's in my laptop (region 4
> plays great). I'm using libdvdcss, but still say me:
> "can't open /dev/dvd, or dvd contains no data".
> But in my desktop have no problem with any dvd.
> I'm using testing with kernel 2.6.11 in both. desktop
> is a p4, laptop a g4 (a tibook).
> Any ideas? what can i do to see my dvd's on my laptop?
> need to send any config file or something?

Unless your DVD-ROM drive is regionless, you need to set region on the
drive.  This information is stored in some sort of PROM on the drive
that limits the number of times you can change it (unless you get a
hacked firmware for your drive).  You will need to use some (most likely
Windows-only) software utility from the drive manufacturer to do that.

Roberto C. Sanchez

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