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Re: DNAT problem in Shorewall

On Friday 15 Jul 2005 16:36, askar k wrote:
> Hello!
> I came back home (the previous email I was sending from work) and
> found that DNAT works!!! :)
> I wonder why it works now. But it should also work from LAN, am I right?
> And in my iptables -L | more I had everything you asked me.
> Now, I'll have to check from work place if it works or not...
> Thank you!!!
> askar
> PS. I don't see "Reply to list", I have only Reply, Reply To ALL,
> Forward and Invite someone to Gmail. :-(


Now for the negative part. The developer of Shorewall really doesn't like 
doing what you are trying to do, but he does explain how to do it:


He would prefer that you connect your webserver to a thirdd network interface 
on your firewall which would then be called a De-Militarised Zone (or DMZ).

Good Luck.

PS - I'm sure that there's something about GMail and lists - it might be worth 
asking a question here about it.

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