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Re: New install -- MTA mail needs to be reconfigured

Benjamin Sher:
> 1) All of my devices seem to have been configured correctly, 
> including my sound and video. That is, the video and sound work 
> fine. However, I can't find a specific listing of my video card and 
> sound card. Where precisely are they listed?

I am not sure whether it is what you want but 'lspci' gives you
information about (physically) installed hardware.

> 2) My first really critical issue has to do with mail. During Install 
> MTA, I was asked which mail system I wanted. I was advised to 
> select Smart? (can't remember the second part of the word) 
> because I have a dynamic DHCP ADSL connection. So I selected 
> this option but it's clearly wrong because I am told 

A smart host is a mail server that relays mail for you. The typical
situation is that your ISP (or email provider) gave you the name of an
SMTP server (which is running an MTA) like smtp.isp.com.  When you send
mail, you don't deliver it yourself to the recipient's mailserver but
instead you just give all your mail to the smart host which handles
delivery details for you. A lot of mail servers don't accept mail
directly delivered from dynamically assigned IP addresses (which is what
most users have) anyway.

> "Cannot connect to host localhost"
> ("localhost" is what I chose"). 

You are a bit short on details here. Your MTA is most probably Exim
which is configured somewhere in /etc/exim/ or /etc/exim.conf (don't
remember, it'S been a while since I last used it).

> How do I access the mail configuration utility and how do I correct 
> my settings so I can receive and send mail?

Again, I am not sure but 'dpkg-reconfigure exim4' (or exim4-daemon-heavy
or exim4-daemon-light) should re-ask those questions. Note that if you
need to log in to your relay host with username/password ("SMTP-Auth")
you need to tweak Exim's configuration by hand.

On the other hand, if you are going to use mail clients like Evolution,
KMail or Thunderbird, you don't necessarily need one of the fullblown
MTAs like Exim, Postfix or (god beware!) Sendmail. They can deliver
mails to your ISP's relay host without a mail server on your local host.
In this case, you can remove the Exim packages and install something
like ssmtp to deliver local mails (from cron, for example).

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