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Re: RAID 5 questions (software)

Quoting Michael Martinell <mike@dakotasioux.com>:

If I replace hard drive 1 I am unable to boot.  Using the grub boot disk
and pointing at hd 2,0 generates the following messages:
md2 No spare disk to reconstruct array! continuing in degraded mode
EXT3-fs: unable to read superblock
pivot_root: No such file or directory
/sbin/init: 432: cannot open dev/console: No such file
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

How do I get the OS to recognize the spare disk now, after the failure?
If the RAID 1 was truly working would it have not booted?  Is there
another setting on my boot floppy that would help here?

What happens when you don't plug in your spare?
You've pulled out your dead drive, does your system still boot?
Normally, it should boot.
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