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OT (and Flamebait): Top-Posting

At the risk of starting yet another war about top-posting, I just came
across this (year-old) blog by what appears to be the guy who wrote
(with a couple of others) the IMAP support in Microsoft's Entourage
("Outlook for the Mac") product.

Two things he said that caught my attention:

1) He says he likes IMAP (so do I)


2) He prefers the intersperse method of replying, like what this Debian
User list encourages, rather than the top-posting method used by
Outlook. He even uses Thunderbird as an example of an email client that
gets it right. A quote:

"*Executive Summary*: Thunderbird
<http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/> is an almost perfect IMAP
client for Windows. If you use IMAP, this is the product for you."

I just found that interesting, and thought I'd pass it on.

Kent West
Technology Support
/A/bilene /C/hristian /U/niversity

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