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Re: hostname in logfile?

On 7/5/05, Bill Marcum <bmarcum@iglou.com> wrote:
> Have you looked in /etc/hostname?  

Yes.  It shows the correct hostname -- not the ones listed in the
logs.  The "merlin" hostname referenced in the log file is actually a
live server.  It use to be the host for
the service that's currently running on the Debian box in question. 
The hostname of the Debian box in question use to be a CNAME to

> Have you run chkrootkit?

I had run the http://www.rootkit.nl kit previously.  I just ran
chkrootkit.  Both are clean.

My Debian Alpha uses the hostname listed in /etc/hostname.  My other i386 Debian
boxes uses "localhost" in its log files.  Kind of odd.
Jiann-Ming Su
"I have to decide between two equally frightening options. 
 If I wanted to do that, I'd vote." --Duckman

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