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Re: Digital signing of printed documents

On Monday 04 Jul 2005 13:42, Alphonse Ogulla wrote:
> The objective is to set up a robust electronic document validation
> system that can authenticate electronically produced documents using
> Debian GNU/Linux and other open-source tools. My search for an
> existing open-source solution did not yield any fruit.

> Do you think this is a reasonable way of going about this project? Is
> Samba-CUPS and bash/perl scripting the best tools to use or are there
> others? What is your recommendation and advise? Your comments, remarks
> or criticism are welcome.

I'd be worried about why you need to validate an invoice or receipt in the 
first place.

In a paperless, digital office, all you should need from a customer is their 
customer number or some other unique ID.  Then, you'll be able to pull up all 
their records digitally, from a secure system, and you'll know if the receipt 
they're presenting is correct.  In other words, the paper is just something 
for the records of pre-digital folk, and not something you really care about.

Lee Braiden

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