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Re: encrypting the users' folders

> You do have to trust the entity that provides your service, and its
> agents, at least to some extent.
> For example, an encrpyted filesystem does you no good if you are
> using the hardware provided by the hosting company which can insert
> keyloggers and take copies of the private keys which must be
> available to decrypt the filesystem.
> Naturally that they might wish to do this is ridiculous and most
> people could trust most companies not to do such a thing (although
> depending on jurisdiction they can be compelled to allow lawful
> interception).
> Every day you trust your service providers not to do bad things to
> you so the suggestion that no one is to be trusted is in my opinion
> needlessly paranoid.
> Or do you grow all your own food because you can't trust suppliers
> not to put razor blades in it?

Razor blades you would notice!

What about mind-control nano-implants?!?!

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