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Re: isp service

According to TedNick,
> How and where can I find a Linux friendly ISP.
> I need the DNS or IP address number.
> All of the ISP's that I have contacted do not want to provide me with that number.
> They say sorry. You cannot use Linux.

I find it easier to say I want a service that doesn't
require me to install any of their software on my computer.

Or to say I want a service that'll let my use my Linksys
broadband router.  That's a good way to put it since lots of
people have them.

It's not really helpful to tell them I'm running Linux.

What you really want is a fairly standard configuration and
not some weirdo crap like AOL or MSN or Prodigy, right?

Here's a question: why do you need DNS and IP address?
Isn't it easier to put

  eth0 inet dhcp 

in your /etc/network/interfaces?

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