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Re: MPlayer Configuration and GTK

David R. Litwin wrote:

I am trying to install MPlayer on to Sid KDE 3.4.1. However, when I
run ./configure (with the option for gui), it says:

Checking for GTK version ...
Error: The GUI requires GTK devel packages (which were not found).

Check "configure.log" if you do not understand why it failed.

Checking this file, configure.log, GTK is mentioned once:

============ Checking for GTK version ============

That is also the end of the file.

I have gtk2.0-dev. I have apt-got that package many times just to make
sure. I have it.

So, what do I do? It seems not to be finding it: I noticed that it
also had not found cdparanoia, which I also have (and possibly a few
other things). I would make it a  .deb file (apparently, there is a
way), but there are two options I must use during ./configuration so
that it looks like this:

./configure --enable-live
--with-livelibdir=/home/david/Programmes/Live/live --enable-gui

I thank you in advance.
you could add gtk1.2-dev. i installed under <sarge> both; libgtk2.0-dev and libgtk1.2-dev (not only for this purpose however) and (g)mplayer is working fine, allthough i prefer kaffeine with the mplayer plugins in /usr/lib/win32.

good luck,


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