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Re: MythTV

people who live outside the U.S. cannot buy a TIVO   :-)

(but nowadays they could buy a Micro$oft Media Center)


Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Wednesday June 29 2005 10:38 am, Matt Price wrote:
>>just curious -- how much do you figure on spending for this
>>project? I'm interested in MythTV too, but it seems quite expensive
>>to build one's own box compared e.g. to buyint a tivo.  am I wrong
>>about this?
> A couple key factors come into play when comparing a MythTV setup to a 
> TiVo:
> 1) Do you already have the hardware to build a MythTV?
> This project will be considerably cheaper than TiVo if you already 
> have the hardware lying around.
> 2) Do you plan on keeping your PVR around more than a couple years?
> MythTV will be cheaper than TiVo even with a lifetime subscription if 
> you're in it for the super-long term.

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