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Re: sarge and software patents

Guillaume TESSIER wrote:

This threat went bad. I never thought that what I like could be bethreated like this by our own politicans. People that are elected by us to work for our wealth and security. I just feel really disapointed by the way things turning.
I hope we gonna have good surprise.

But nothing has turned. Politicians have always been like this. Your own
government is always your worst enemy (ask the Zimbabweans). Elections
are just lotteries, the winning group always acts in their own best
interests, never on behalf of those who elected them.

Nothing has changed. Read the American Independence documents, and look
how much effort went into trying to limit the powers of the government.
This was well over two hundred years ago.

The only limitation on the power of governments is the willingness of
people to confront them. This behaviour is currently unfashionable.

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