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Re: Installing Yahoo Messenger 6.0 under wine

Ms Linuz wrote:
> I'd got the same problem.
> And I don't want to go further more with that. If wine doesn't run
> winprogram correctly I just leave it and look for alternatives in
> linux world. 

Well, I would go the otherway around, i.e. if something in Linux lacks
some features and a Windows application offers it, then it would be nice
to have it under Wine.

However, right now I'm trying to experiment with a few applications
under Wine of whose alternatives are available in Linux and I already
use them, e.g. Gaim (for YIM), Nvu (for Dreamweaver), kpdf, xpdf,
Acrobat Reader (for Acrobat Reader), etc. My aim here is to try some
popular applications under Wine on Debian. So any help would be highly


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