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mkinitrd & evms. Chicken and egg?


I'd like to mount my root partition on /dev/evms/hda1. Currently it is
mounted on /dev/hda1.  (The reason for wanting to do this is so I can
use hda[2-10] with evms)

Mkinitrd correctly probes my root device (as it is now), and notices
that it is not an evms volume, and hence excludes the evms programs
from the initrd. It will create an initrd with evms support if the
root partition is already *already* mounted through evms, but I can't
do that until I have an initrd with evms support!

I looked at the ROOT=probe option in the mkinitrd.conf, which seems to
allow specifying the root device and its type, but I couldn't find any
examples of what to enter here.

Is there some way to force mkinitrd to add the evms support? 



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