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Re: Chkrootkit reports infection

On Thu, 30 Jun 2005, Robert S wrote:

> > Newer versions of chkrootkit (0.45, for example) allow you to run in a
> > "diff mode" that suppresses day-to-day duplicate hits.  You can turn
> > this option on with 'dpkg-reconfigure chkrootkit'.
> >
> The Sarge version is  0.44-2.  The "diff" mode sounds good.  Is a newer
> version available in any of the Archives?  I can't find it in backports
> or volatile.  I'd sooner stick with .deb packages than use locally
> installed "hacks".  Presumably chkrootkit should be reasonably up to date
> for security reasons. 

You should be able to just snag the testing/unstable deb from
and install it with dpkg (among other options).  It looks like the
dependencies for 0.45 are already satisfied in a stock sarge install.

-- Brad

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