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Re: Lexmark X125 with CUPS

> Does anyone know of a printer driver for the Lexmark X125 All-in-one
> printer that will work with CUPS ?  The printer driver from
> linuxprinting.org supposedly only works with LPRng (and i haven't managed
> to get it to work with CUPS).  Would it be worth switching to LPRng ?  I
> e-mailed Lexmark's tech support and they told me to use their Linux Printer
> Driver Development Kit and basically write my own driver (thanks guys,
> great tech support). Anyone with any info, or maybe another driver they
> written, some help would be greatly appreciated.

I successfully installed a driver for one of their all-in-ones. I never bought 
the unit but the driver installed. There is no support for their scanner 
capability is twain. I did not buy it because I did not want to take a 
chance. Their "development kit" is a misnomer and will not enable you to 
write a driver if you knew how?

Google for the URL of where to get these drivers (they are from Lexmark).

Very strange though--since IBM is in the forfront of Linux development--that 
there is no proper Linux support for their printers!

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