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Re: debian - matlab platform

--- "Antonio Rafael C. Paiva" <arpaiva@cnel.ufl.edu> ha scritto: 
> >> Hello
> >> while using matlab 6.0 under debian sarge i receive the following 
> >> message if trying to open the
> >> workspace browser:
> >>
> >>>> workspace
> >>
> >> ??? Error using ==> workspace
> >> The Workspace browser is not supported on this platform.
> >>
> >>>>
> >>
> >> what is it exactly?
> >>
> Can you open other windows? Say, helpbrowser for instance. If you don't, 
> are you running Matlab as the same user that started the X session?
i can open correctly windows for "demo" and "helpwin" but i get the same error as above if i try
to open the "helpbrowser" window

perhaps it is related to this warning i get when i start matlab:
~$ matlab
Warning: Failed to start the Java Virtual machine.
Warning: Disabling Java support.

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thank you

thanks in advance



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