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Re: Dialer Problems-Only Pon Works

Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> Kent West wrote:
>> Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>>> <snip re: wvdial not working, whereas other dialers do work>
>> What are the permissions on "/etc/wvdial.conf"?
> ChatagnierL-Home:/etc/ppp/peers# ls -l /etc/wvdial.conf
> -rwxrwxrwt  1 root root 212 Jun 26 11:04 /etc/wvdial.conf
> ChatagnierL-Home:/etc/ppp/peers#
> I changed these from original defaults with chmod a+rwx
> as noted in my post.  The "t" at the end was "T" originally
> and I don't know the meaning of either.

"t" is the "sticky bit". Applied to a file, it makes the file a
"TSR"-type file (Terminate and Stay Resident, from the MS-DOS days); it
keeps the file in memory for faster access. It seems odd that
wvdial.conf would be set this way, but as mentioned earlier, I don't use
it (I don't do dial-up anymore - yea!! :-D ). Applied to a directory it
makes files in that directory deletable only by the owner (such as the
files in /tmp).

>> If all else looks right, rename "/etc/wvdial.conf" and run wvdial again;
> Duh.  Little confused here.  I'll let you see that I don't have the
> /.wvdialrc file first and see your reply before I rename /etc/wvdial.conf
> and run wvdial again.  I think that's what you wanted and ment.

Yes, that's what I meant.

> Also,
> what about the other two wvdials in /etc/x11/ and in /home/lchata, rename
> them too?

Depending on the previous test, I'd then rename one of those, test
again, and then again a third time if necessary. All we're doing is
making sure which file(s) that wvdial is trying to read.


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