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Re: newbie can't install 3.1

Dylan Evans wrote:

> I don't know much, and figured the best way to learn linux is by
> having it.  Unfortunately, the installation looked like it only half
> succeeded.  The gui won't work

At a command prompt, as root, try the commands:

#apt-get install aptitude
#aptitude install x-window-system kde gnome icewm wmaker fluxbox

(This assumes you've got plenty of free drive space, say a couple of
hundred megs. If not, the second command might should be "aptitude
install x-window-system icewm".)

Then try:

#/etc/init.d/kdm start

If that doesn't bring up a graphical login, repeat, and try gdm, or wdm,
or xdm instead of kdm. If none of those work, try "startx".

If all of the above fails to get X working for you, please post the
lines marked with (EE) from /var/log/XFree86.0.log. You can copy this
file to your shared Windows partition (or a Flashfob, floppy, etc) to
get to the file when booted into Windows.

> , and it won't auto-config my network card

What does the network-related line from the output of "lspci" say is its


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